Workforce - Positioning residents for local employment opportunities

Vision Statement 

​Elevate each person’s contribution to the community through a rich variety of local employment opportunities and career pathways.

Why Workforce?

We are exploring how to attract more businesses to the county, increasing the number of high value jobs, ensuring employees are healthy, prepared and have the skill sets, mind sets, and content knowledge skills to take advantage of local employment opportunities.

  • Significant Job Growth from 2013 - today
  • Low state and local unemployment rates
    ​(April 2022: Scott County 1.4%, MN 1.6%, U.S. 3.3%)
  • Changing demographics
  • Projected job openings by 2020 in Minnesota is expected to be 500,000
  • Three quarters of those opening will be created by retiring workers
  • Lack of local post-secondary options