With lack of transportation options and congestion expected to increase on the regional transportation system, additional burden is anticipated for commuters both coming and going in Scott County.

Our Vision:

Scott County residents are Stable, Connected, ​Educated and Contributing

By taking an integrated approach to working on the areas of housing, transportation, workforce readiness, and educational preparedness, we hope to gain:

Today's third graders are Scott County's future workforce, yet in 2015 a third of our 3rd graders were not reading at grade level. Future achievement is predictable by grade 3, and maintaining status quo has a cost.

It is important to look at housing across a person’s lifecycle. Renter or homeowner, homeless or in the market for executive housing, it's imperative to have a variety of housing options available. 

A comprehensive understanding of current programs, services, initiatives, and investments surrounding these issues

Development of a local vision and action plan that addresses these issues as a system, rather than as isolated problems

Potential cost savings by joint collaboration 

Significant job growth, low state and local unemployment rates, retiring workers, changing demographics ~ a number of factors are contributing to employer difficulties finding skilled workers to fill local area jobs.