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     Mike Waldo


     Mathew Adeniran

     Deb Barber

     Dave Beer

     Dave Brown

     Ron Clark

     Mohamed Duale

​     Eric Gentry

     Laura Helmer

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     Margaret Kaplan

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     Michael Leek

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     Mary Miller

     Patti Sotis​​


     Danielle Fox

     Daniel Lauer-Schumacher

     Julie Siegert   


Vision Statement 

Create housing options that give people in all life stages and of all economic means viable choices for safe, stable and affordable homes. 

Housing:  It is important to look at housing across a person’s lifecycle. Renter or homeowner, homeless or in the market for executive housing, it's imperative to have a variety of housing options available. 


The Housing Group Meetings are being held the  SECOND 

Wednesday of each month.

Why Now?

  • ​In Scott County, 57% of senior renters and 29% of senior homeowners pay more than 30% of their income on housing
  • Nearly 5,500 foreclosures in Scott County during the foreclosure crisis 2009-2013
  • Since 2000, rental rates have risen 13% while renter incomes have fallen .2% 
  • Increased demand for federally subsidized housing
  • Point-in-time count shows growing number of homeless households in Scott/Carver county
  • Housing Needs Assessment (2011) showed demand for 520 workforce units between 2010-2020. Village Commons (66 units) in Savage developed in 2013.