​     Bob Coughlen



​     Bethany Tjornhom

​​     Jon Ulrich

     Joe Vaughan​

​​     Jane Wiley

Educational Preparedness

     Kirt Briggs

​     Kami Thompson


     James Eriksrud

​     Mike Waldo


     Bob Crawford
     Josh Johnson 

Workforce Readiness    

     Darren Kermes     



​​     Tracy Cervenka

     Brad Davis

     Lisa Freese

​​     Jake Grussing

Steering Committee

Vision Statement

Scott County is a place where people are stable, connected, educated, and contributing

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

>  Guidance, Vision, and Oversight

  • Develop and refine Common Agenda for change, including problem, goal(s), and guiding principles
  • Use data to inform strategy development learning
  • Track progress of work using agreed-upon indicators at Steering Committee and working group levels
  • Make connections between working groups to ensure coordination and efficiency
  • Interact with the backbone entity on strategy, community engagement, and shared measurement

>  Leadership

  • Considering how your individual organization or those in your network can alight to the Common Agenda
  • Serving as vocal champions of the collective impact effort in the community

>  Process

  • Participating in the regularly scheduled meetings in person (once per month)
  • Reviewing pre-read materials prior to meetings and coming prepared for engaged discussion, active listening, and respectful dialogue
  • Committing to yearlong membership of the Steering Committee​

The Steering Committee  Meetings are being held the  FOURTH Tuesday of each month.​