Scott County: Live, Learn, Earn is a multi-sector partnership focused on improving the livability and economic vitality of Scott County. Built on the long history of effective collaboration within Scott County, the 50 by 30 partnership brings together businesses, non-profits, government, and community members to take action toward a goal of employing 50% of Scott County’s resident labor force within the county by 2030.

The partnership has identified four issues critical to achieving the 50 by 30 goal and to sustaining economic vitality and livability throughout Scott County:

Transportation: improving commuter options and efficiency; exploring transit and infrastructure improvements;

Housing: increasing workforce and affordable housing; looking at housing costs; aligning housing options to community needs; addressing homelessness;

Workforce Development: exploring how to attract more businesses to the county; increasing the number of high value jobs; ensuring employees are healthy, prepared and have the skill sets, mind sets, and content knowledge skills to take advantage of local employment opportunities;

Educational Preparedness: Working to ensure all children and youth are developmentally on track and gaining the skill sets, mind sets, and content knowledge to succeed.

Work teams are developing strategies and action plans in each of the four areas, and a cross-sector steering committee has been established to facilitate the connections across the teams and ensure accountability for progress.