The Educational Preparedness Group Meetings are being held the FOURTH Tuesday of each month.

Educational Preparedness

Why Now?

  • Today’s third graders are Scott County’s future workforce
    • In 2015, a third (688 students) of Scott County 3rd graders not reading at grade level
    • Future achievement is predictable by grade 3
  • Maintaining status quo has a cost
    • Dropouts and unprepared graduates require additional public services throughout life

Estimates from Annie E Casey Foundation:
Local annual public services cost per dropout: $28,000
Local annual public services cost per unprepared grad: $10,000
Annual local cost: $6,960,000 per graduating class

Vision Statement 

Ensure children are developmentally on track and prepared for educational success.

Educational Preparedness:  Today's third graders are Scott County's future workforce, yet in 2015 a third of our 3rd graders were not reading at grade level. Future achievement is predictable by grade 3, and maintaining status quo has a cost.


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