Why Now?

  • Today’s third graders are Scott County’s future workforce
    • In 2015, a third (688 students) of Scott County 3rd graders not reading at grade level
    • Future achievement is predictable by grade 3
  • Maintaining status quo has a cost
    • Dropouts and unprepared graduates require additional public services throughout life

Estimates from Annie E Casey Foundation:
Local annual public services cost per dropout: $28,000
Local annual public services cost per unprepared grad: $10,000
Annual local cost: $6,960,000 per graduating class


​     Kirt Briggs

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     Emily Skahen​

     Barbara Weckman Brekke    


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The Educational Preparedness Group Meetings are being held the FOURTH Tuesday of each month.

Educational Preparedness

Vision Statement 

Ensure children are developmentally on track and prepared for educational success.

Educational Preparedness:  Today's third graders are Scott County's future workforce, yet in 2015 a third of our 3rd graders were not reading at grade level. Future achievement is predictable by grade 3, and maintaining status quo has a cost.